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PCR Tests

As the Isle of Man Government no longer requires isolation for COVID-19 positive persons, testing has been reduced and PCRs will only be offered for the following:

  • You require a PCR in order to receive anti-viral treatment(eligible patients only) – these PCR tests are organised by your GP
  • You require a PCR test prior to travelling to the UK for Manx Care funded treatment – these PCR tests can be booked on-line
  • You require a test prior to travelling across to the UK for private hospital treatment – these can be booked on-line and cost £50
  • You require a test as part of international travel requirements – these can be booked on-line and cost £50
  • Please use the on-line portal to book your appointment, using the “Book PCR Test” button.

    Each person that requires an appointment will need their NHS number to book on-line.  You can find your NHS number via the on-line checker.  Please note that 111 will not know your NHS number.  Please use the on-line checker.

    However, if you have any issues booking your on-line test, please contact 111 for advice.

Learn more about pathways available for clinically vulnerable people.

If you are undergoing treatment by Manx Care that requires a COVID-19 test, they will arrange it for you.

If you require a PCR test for travel purposes or are a private patient, these tests are chargeable at £50 per person.

There are two COVID 19 tests run by Manx Care; being PCR and TMA. Both are forms of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT). NAAT is a term that covers several types of tests for viral diagnostic of SARS-CoV-2.

Currently the testing facility closes at 10am, so afternoon testing will not be available.

You should receive your test result within 24 hours of testing by email.

International Travel

Please check the test criteria matches the border entry conditions of the destination you are travelling to/through before booking an online test.

Travellers please note: Some countries stipulate that you must take a COVID-19 test to facilitate travelling to another country and require appropriate evidence of test result within a specific time period of entry into another country.

It is your responsibility to check all the testing requirements of the destination you are travelling to/through. Most destinations specify a 'test-window' of 3-5 days before arrival or departure in which your test sample (your swab) must be taken. It is your responsibility to ensure your test (in particular the swabbing date) meets a valid timescale of the country you intend to visit.

Visiting the coronavirus testing facility

Your test will take place at the Crookall Centre, Kensington Rd, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3FH.

It is normally open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, between 8am and 10.00 am. Slots are allocated in order of availability.  Please check with 111 for Bank Holiday opening times.

You should not visit the test centre if you already have a Covid 19 positive test result, either PCR or LFD, unless you are on the antiviral treatment pathway (please see below).

If you have any problems attending your test appointment contact the 111 team as soon as possible so they can help you.

This is an appointment only clinic and you must attend wearing a face mask.

  • If you are attending the centre as part of the antiviral treatment pathway, or if you have received a positive LFD result in the past 24h, you must remain in your car and call the centre on +44 1624 697466 – do not enter the building
  • All persons attending clinic must wear a face covering at all times
  • Upon entering you will be asked your name and directed where to sit
  • Please wait until you are called to go for your test
  • The test will be performed by a health professional
  • You will be asked for your name and date of birth to verify who you are

You should receive your results from 111 by email within 24 hours.

Please do not call 111 for your test results. They will be sent by email as soon as possible, but times may vary due to test volumes.