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Testing & results

Confirmation and results

The Isle of Man opened its own local coronavirus testing facility on Monday 20 April 2020. The unit can process a maximum of 200 tests per day and results will be returned by text message within 24 hours.

For those individuals awaiting results after being tested for COVID-19, it is important to emphasise that they could be suffering from flu or another ailment.  The delay in results is not an indication of a potential positive result.

Until your receive your test result DO NOT stop self-isolating because you are feeling better.

If you test positive for COVID-19 you will receive:

  • advice from clinicians at 111, which will include self-isolation for a period of 14 days from the onset of your symptoms
  • You will be issued by the Cabinet Office – Public Health 111/Contact Tracing Service (on behalf of the Department of Health a Social Care) a self-isolation direction notice which requires you to undertake mandatory self-isolation for 14 days from the on-set of your symptoms.  It is a legal requirement to comply with the Direction Notice to ensure you minimise the risk of further spread of COVID-19 to others by remaining in mandatory self-isolation.

Your contact details will be passed onto the Public Health Contact Tracing Service so any contacts with other persons can be followed up and they too may be issued with a mandatory direction notice and instruction to self-isolate for a period of 14 days from the date of their last close contact with you.

Please refer to our Privacy Notice on how the Cabinet Office will use your personal data for these purposes

If you test negative for COVID-19, you will be advised by 111 that you (and your household) may end self-isolation.  If you are still required to complete a mandatory self-isolation by law under a specific direction notice (eg because you have recently arrived on the Island, or are a high risk contact for a COVID-19 positive individual)  even if you have tested negative you MUST remain in self-isolation.