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Actions for businesses with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

If you have been informed by the Contact Tracing Team that there has been a suspected or identified positive case of coronavirus in an individual that has visited your workplace, please follow this guidance as to how to manage the situation.

Initial response

  • Check your CCTV or booking records to assist the Contact Tracing Team by providing as much information as possible about the suspected/identified case and the activities of the individual.
  • Check your employee/staff rotas to understand who was working on the day and time in question.
  • Inform your employees/staff members of the situation as soon as possible and speak directly with individuals who were working at the time.
  • Employers should cordon off the area that the person was working in or standing/seating in; an area 2 metres from each point or the area/s of contact would suffice.
  • Employers may then wish to consider arrangements for the premises and communal facilities to be temporarily closed to be decontaminated. Specialist cleaners may be contacted to clean all surfaces that the person has been in touch with as soon as possible (especially the cordoned off area and high-traffic areas such as, kitchens, point of sale, toilets, etc.). Cleaning guidance can be found on the COVID-19: Cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home page.
  • Continue to check in with members of staff regularly (at least once a day) and in particular before they come into the work place to check they have not developed symptoms.
  • If your staff member/s develop symptoms, they should contact the 111 helpline immediately. They should not return to work under any circumstances and they should isolate at home.
  • Ensure you follow all other guidance or direction given to you by the Contact Tracing Team.

Additional response

  • Continue to follow General Guidance to reduce the risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • A review of your workplace COVID-19 risk assessment should take place to ensure all practices and measures are being followed.
  • If required, the suspected or identified case will be discussed/investigated by the Health Protection Review Team and Outbreak Management Team who may look to put appropriate interventions in place.

Informing your customers

Once agreed with Public Health and the Contact Tracing Team, you may wish to inform your customers of the situation and how you have responded.

  • Place clear signage in your workplace (inside and outside if possible) to ensure those that do not have access to digital platforms are also made aware
  • You may wish to inform your customers through your social media channels or email listings.
  • It is pertinent to be transparent with your customers about how you have dealt with the situation and of any measures you had in place beforehand which mitigated the risk.


Do I need to send home all my employees after a suspected/confirmed case has been in the premises?

If you can review the CCTV and understand how long the individual was on the premises, and in what areas, the length of time and specific circumstances will dictate the action. The 111 team will be able to help support you with this

Do I need to close the premises after a suspected/confirmed case?

In the first instance, the priority is ensuring a thorough clean down is undertaken, and a review of close contact of staff and other customers. This may require a period of closure or limited opening.

If I do have to close how long do I need to close for after a suspected/confirmed case?

This entirely depends on the circumstances, however guidance will be provided to any affected businesses by Public Health Isle of Man and the 111 team.

What happens if I don’t have CCTV or a customer booking service to understand the level of potential contamination or to help contact tracing team?

You should still treat this as a suspected case and clean down all public areas where a symptomatic person could have attended. If you do not know the full list of customers who visited your business, you may wish to utilise your social media channels. The 111 and contact tracing team will be able to advise depending upon your circumstances.

What if my staff member has been in a place where a symptomatic person has also attended?

It is best practice to check in regularly with your staff members, no matter what type of business you operate, to ensure they have not developed any symptoms. The current guidance advises that all employees should work from home where possible.

My staff member is waiting for a test result. Do they need to self-isolate while they are waiting for test results?

In line with current 111 advice, individuals should self-isolate until you receive the results of your coronavirus test.