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Business preparation

As of 30 November 2021, increased measures such as the use of face coverings and increased Lateral Flow Device testing are expected to help minimise the spread of COVID-19

Although the removal of all restrictions has been mandated by the Isle of Man Government, all businesses, where possible, are encouraged to still consider business contingency planning in the event of another outbreak.

We recommend you take the following steps in relation to planning for any future impact on your business:

  • Define a lead team who can create and carry out your business preparation planning
  • Define your business’ critical functions of service that must be maintained at times of disruption
  • Assess business needs and options to minimise the spread of infection including reviewing face to face contact, travel etc.
  • Define the impact on service delivery – what needs to happen in 24 hours, first week, first month etc. and what essential resources are required (inc. staff)
  • Establish list of key stakeholders that will need to be kept up to date
  • Review staff processes and consider demand on certain areas of the business e.g. HR
  • Ensure up to date list of all critical documentation and data, and detail on how this is accessed
  • List and review suppliers and how they will be affected
  • Detail sequence of tasks and individuals that are needed to provide a basic service while the overall process of full service recovery is being progressed
  • Detail the sequence of events and individuals required to restore the service to normal – making people aware of their responsibilities
  • Ensure adequate location and technology to continue activity
  • Create detailed action plan based on all of this information and keep it regularly up to date

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