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Concerns about workplace safety and social distancing

Update 15 June 2020 

From today there is no longer any legal requirement for social distancing in our community.

Social distancing and PPE requirements will however be maintained in health and care environments.

Whilst COVID-19 is spreading anywhere in the world, it will remain a potential risk for the foreseeable future and businesses must manage this risk in the same way they would manage any other risk to their staff or customers, in line with Health & Safety legislation.

If you have concerns about the arrangements your employer is able to put in place to protect you, you should discuss with your manager in the first instance, or the Occupational Health Service (if your employer provides one).

You may also benefit from advice from one of the following organisations:

DEFA’s Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate
Phone:   685881  

Manx Industrial Relations Service (MIRS).
MIRS can help both employers and employees and can provide practical and impartial advice on any employment matter.
Phone:   672942