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Business Adaptation Grant

£3.5m is being made available for the Department for Enterprise to support businesses looking to evolve in the current climate. The Department will meet 50% of any costs that can be shown to be involved in the adaptation of a business as a result of a changing market due to the Coronavirus outbreak that has a viable business plan going forward.

For example:

  • A distillery looking to make hand sanitiser
  • A restaurant looking to acquire (or rent) a vehicle to enable take away deliveries
  • An affected business looking to invest in improved IT infrastructure to enable remote working 


All Isle of Man based businesses who can demonstrate they have been affected by the pandemic and have a viable plan to continue subject to the adaption proposed.

How to access the scheme

Businesses will be required to complete a full business case for review, with claims paid retrospectively.

For more information including how to apply, please see the Scheme Guidelines.