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Non-Governmental Support

As well as the funding and support available from Isle of Man Government, community support funds and support is available from the below organisations:

Following discussions with major utility companies, which include Manx Utilities Authority, Manx Telecom and Sure, and Manx Gas, a range of support measures and services are also available for individuals who have been affected:

Manx Utilities: Staff are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers in ensuring you receive your essential services at this time. We are making fault response and key meter customers our main priority. If a customer should have any concerns at this difficult time we would please ask them to get in touch via our website contact form or call 687687 during office hours to speak to a member of our team. That same telephone number remains in place for emergencies outside of working hours.

Manx Gas: Recognising the challenges people are currently facing, Manx Gas will look at any case sympathetically where someone has been affected. No one who has been materially impacted by the coronavirus crisis will be cut off during the next 3 months.

Manx Telecom: Encourage anybody suffering financial hardship due to coronavirus to contact them and they will work with you to try and relieve some of the worry. If you ring them and explain your situation they will make sure they keep your service working, agree a delay in your payments and even a repayment plan if necessary. In addition, we are introducing a number of temporary measures to help reduce costs and to help ensure people can stay in touch.

Sure Isle of Man: Are committed to supporting all islanders during this difficult time and if you are facing financial hardship they would encourage you to contact them to discuss how they can help - which may involve payment arrangements without fear of late payment charges and interest being applied to outstanding bills.

Mortgage Repayment Holidays: Further support for residents will come from the seven Island banks that offer personal mortgages. Isle of Man Bank, Santander International, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, Nedbank Private Wealth International and Cayman National Bank have all agreed to provide a Mortgage Repayment Holiday to existing customers who have fallen into financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The support package will offer relief to homeowners who will be able to suspend repayments for up to three months on a residential mortgage.



All individuals and businesses and will depend on the specific arrangement with the relevant provider.