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Strategic Capacity Scheme

Thank you for your interest in the Coronavirus Strategic Capacity Scheme. This Scheme was formed in March 2020 to support Tourist Accommodation businesses through the Round 1 Funding period, which covered April to June 2020. The Scheme has now been extended to introduce Round 2 Funding, which covers the period July to September 2020.

In addition, operators of 2* and below (including rating pending) properties are now eligible to apply for both Round 1 Funding retrospectively and also for Round 2 Funding. This is in line with the new policy principle of providing fair and equitable support across the sector.

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide financial assistance to Tourist Accommodation businesses. This is to ensure the Island retains its strategic tourist accommodation capacity during the COVID19 crisis. The Scheme is intended to assist a more rapid recovery as the situation improves.

Further details including the online application for, scheme eligibility, guidelines and additional resources can be found at: