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Guidance for businesses

We are currently in Level Zero of the Isle of Man Government's response framework. There are currently no legal restrictions in place, but the personal measures and healthy habits that we all take as individuals will play a major part in the Island's defence against Coronavirus.

We can all play our part in reducing the likelihood of picking up the virus, and businesses are encouraged to follow best practices. Coronavirus particularly spreads through Close Contact, in Crowded Places and Confined Spaces, and the risk of infection increases where these factors combine.

Businesses can play their part by risk assessing and adapting to best protect their staff and customers, supporting personal choice and strong hygiene within workplace.


Business best practice guide

Actions for businesses with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

Ventilation of indoor spaces to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

How do I manage the risk of coronavirus in my business?

Whilst COVID-19 is spreading anywhere in the world, it will remain a potential risk for the foreseeable future and you must manage this risk in the same way you would manage any other risk to your staff or customers, in line with Health & Safety legislation. You may wish to continue to implement some enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures should this be deemed an appropriate and proportionate way to manage risks. You should prepare plans for how your business could accommodate the recent changes. You are likely to already have records of visitors in place, and it may be useful to review your record-keeping, should this be required for contact-tracing purposes.

There are a series of downloadable notices and posters (listed on the left/ link to downloads) that you may find helpful to display in your business.


What do I do if an employee or customer becomes unwell on the premises?

People with COVID-19 symptoms should continue to self-isolate and refer to or COVID 111 for advice.

If an employee or customer becomes unwell on the premises and believes they may have COVID-19, they must:

  • Go home, self-isolate and complete the online assessment tool.  If their symptoms indicate possible COVID-19, the tool will advise them to contact 111.  111 will provide clinical assessment, offer testing if appropriate and provide guidance on self-isolation.  If they are advised (through the self-assessment tool or 111) that the symptoms are not possible COVID-19, they do not need to self-isolate and can return to work when they feel well enough. If they’re waiting to be picked up to go home, they should stay in a designated room at least 1 metre away from others and if possible open a window for ventilation. If the weather permits, remain outside but at least 1 metre away from others.
  • Cordon off the area that person was working in; an area 1 metre from each point around a workstation/desk would suffice.
  • Cleaners should be contacted to clean all surfaces that the person has been in touch with as soon as possible (especially the cordoned off area and high-traffic areas such as, kitchens, communal break-out area, toilets, etc.).

If the person indicates that they have been near someone infected with COVID-19 or if they later test positive for COVID-19:

  • Arrangements should be made for the premises and communal facilities to be temporarily closed to be decontaminated. Dependent on the cleaning process, in most cases the office will be able to be re-opened and functioning the day after the decontamination is carried out. High risk or close contacts of a positive case as assessed by the Contact Tracing Team (CTT) will be contacted by the CTT who will advise and monitor them through the self-isolation period.


What actions do I need to take if there is a suspected COVID-19 case, or if my staff have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case?

If you have been informed by the Contact Tracing Team that there has been a suspected or identified positive case of coronavirus in an individual that has visited your workplace, please follow this guidance as to how to manage the situation.

The initial contact from the Contact Tracing Team will to help advise, on the basis of the known information, whether there is likely to have been high risk or low risk contacts and specific advice may be given for high risk settings.

Further information and advice on suspected or confirmed COVID-19 places in the workplace.


I have a question about how to deal with possible or confirmed COVID-19 in my workplace or business. What should I do?

Follow these actions for businesses who have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or contact the 111 contact centre for assistance.


I have been contacted by Contact Tracing to say a positive individual has been in my business. What should I do?

If you have been informed by the Contact Tracing Team that there has been a suspected or identified positive case of coronavirus in an individual that has visited your workplace, please follow this guidance as to how to manage the situation.