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Manx Resident Essential Worker Fast Track Back to Work Procedure

If you are a Manx Resident Keyworker currently in isolation and living with a High Risk Contact and need to go back to work:

You may be permitted to return to work within the self-isolation period if your employer can confirm that you are a Manx Resident Essential Worker and there is a clear business need.

An application form will be required to be completed and signed by your Line Manager and the CEO of your department. Once approved, you will be able to access a testing pathway (3a) which will enable you to receive a Modified Direction Notice to attend work ONLY.

You will only be able to attend work if you undertake a PCR test on day 0/1 and then again for the first 7 days; following this, a further test will need to be undertaken on day 13/14. All test results MUST be negative to allow you attend work.

You may proceed to attend your workplace subject to wearing a face covering at all times when you are outside of your household, and appropriate personal protective equipment whilst in your workplace.

You must remain in self-isolation in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of your Modified Direction Notice other than when you are travelling to or from your workplace and required to attend at your workplace.

As long as you return a negative result on day 14, along with a negative test result from those in your household, you will be released from isolation.

If you are not required to attend at your workplace to carry out the essential public service you must not leave self-isolation. Once your form is signed and completed please email your application form to

Your application will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email along with a Modified Direction Notice which will enable you access Pathway (3a) to attend work ONLY.

You will only be able to book your PCR tests by calling the team at 111 once you have received your Modified Direction Notice. Tests will be undertaken at the Grandstand in Douglas for the first 7 days, and then again on day 13/14.

For further information on Essential Workers please visit on-island essential worker list.