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Workplace guidance



Banks can use their discretion to offer their customers various support in the case of difficulties due to COVID-19.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties you are encouraged to contact your bank to discuss how they may be able to help.


It’s important that your staff are kept up to date with all developments that may affect their employment. It is also recommended that you direct them to the latest guidance from the Isle of Man Government.

We recommend you display educational posters at relevant points in your workplace:

  • Instructions for hand-washing (bathrooms and kitchens)
  • Guidance on self-isolation and symptom awareness (reception areas, office spaces, break rooms)

Flexible Working

All Isle of Man residents are being asked to stay at home, including for work – unless this absolutely must be done outside the home. Wherever possible, you should consider the viability of flexible and remote working for your staff members.


Businesses should check with their insurance provider if they are covered.

Many businesses are unlikely to be covered as most business interruption insurance policies are dependent on damage to property, which will exclude pandemics.

Some businesses may have purchased a specific add on relating to notifiable diseases, but some of these will still specify damage to the building. Some businesses may have purchased supply chain or denial of access cover which may meet their needs in this case.