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General guidance

Latest COVID-19 statistics

Read the latest updates and find information on the current situation.

Symptoms and Self Assessment

If you develop any symptoms, please now complete the Isle of Man COVID-19 Screening Assessment. Completion of this assessment will decide whether a PCR test is required or if no further action is required.

Testing & results

Until you receive your test result DO NOT stop self-isolating because you are feeling better.

COVID-111 service

The service is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

Lateral flow home testing

If you have been encouraged by contact tracing as a close contact to take part in a free-seven day home testing scheme, you can collect your Home test kits – called lateral flow devices –from participating pharmacies.

Contact Tracing

Information about the contact tracing process, including the recent updates to close contacts and the introduction of lateral flow home testing kits


Information and guidance if you are directed to self-isolate, including what you can/cannot do while in isolation. Only those who return a positive test or display symptoms are now required to isolate

Living with COVID-19

As we move on to our next phase of mitigation, we know that the virus will not go away. Instead of trying to avoid it, we must now learn to live with COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccination statistics

Find out how our vaccination rollout is progressing – view headline figures for the number of people vaccinated and the number booked for a jab in the coming week.