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Accommodation and testing for arriving travellers

The Island’s travel/border restrictions have changed as of 00:01 on Thursday 16 September 2021.


Travellers arriving on Pathway 2 and 3, or not opting for tests, must self-isolate on arrival to the Isle of Man.

If you are travelling on Pathway 2 - 'Test to Release' or Pathway 3 - '7 Day', you are required to isolate until you receive your test results, which are usually received within 48 hours. If you are isolating at home, your household will not be required to isolate with you, and can go about their normal lives without restriction.

Any travellers who do not wish to take the COVID-19 tests and therefore access a shorter pathway (ie. are not on the 'Pathway 1 Vaccine Exemption', 'Test to Release' or '7 Day' pathway),  must isolate for 21 days alone or with other travellers (returning at the same time) only.

I will need to isolate away from my household, how do I book an accommodation property?

Individuals travelling back to the Island that would like to book accommodation for self-isolation purposes can either contact the accommodation provider directly or make arrangements through a booking agent:

Online Regional Travel Group on ++4 1624 654654 or email

Isle of Man Travel Event Services on +44 1624 664460 or email

A full list of registered accommodation can be found below for people wishing to manage their own booking

Will the accommodation properties that agree to accept returning residents be allowed to accept key workers at the same time?

Serviced accommodation properties have existing segregated areas, which have been established since March 2020, for hosting different classifications of guests. This is to mitigate the risk to staff and other occupants of the property.

How should shared areas in accommodation, for example, corridors, stair wells, and lifts be managed?

Consideration should be given to the use of lifts and stairwells and whether it is possible to secure an entrance and exit route out of the premises for those self-isolating without coming into close contact with other guests and accommodation staff. If it is not possible to create two separate areas of  transit, guests self-isolating should call down to reception to arrange a suitable time to exit the building.

If returning residents are isolating in self-catering properties, are they allowed to have food dropped to them?

We appreciate that returning residents will need to be equipped with food and necessities and we ask that planning ahead is considered to minimise the number of supply drop-offs. Supplies can be dropped off but under no circumstances can the resident leave the property – supplies should be left outside the property or in the case of hotels/serviced accommodation, given to a member of staff to drop off outside the residents’ room.

See:  Local food and produce delivery services

If returning residents are isolating in serviced properties, will food be provided for them?

Yes, serviced accommodation is required to provide meals for guests who are self-isolating.

Please see: 

List of accommodation for self-isolation

Guidance for Accommodation Hosting Guests Required to Self-Isolate

FAQs for accommodation providers

Funding and support may be available for Patient Transfers who are unable to isolate at home. Please discuss with the Patient Transfers team prior to travel.