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Advice for returning travellers

The Isle of Man has moved to level 4 in the Borders Framework.

This means that Isle of Man residents can travel freely as long as they have registered, and return to the island following the completion of a Landing Form.

For those individuals who have already gone through the repatriation process, but are yet to travel, you may now book your own travel and return home.

I have registered (resident) or I have an Exemption Certificate (non-resident). What else do I need to enter the Island?

Within 48 hours prior to your arrival you will need to complete Landing Form confirming your arrival details, where you will be staying for your 14-day self-isolation, and a health declaration.

What will happen when I arrive at the port/airport? 

When you arrive at the port/airport you will be asked to show a copy of your or Exemption Certificate and then you can check-in as usual.

What about my animals?

Your animals can travel with you, but you may need to make arrangements for any dogs to be cared for in the Isle of Man when you return as you will not be able to leave your house to exercise them.

What will happen when I arrive in the Isle of Man? 

You will need to present your exemption certificate and confirmation of the completion of a Landing Form to Port or Airport Security, as well as photographic ID. If you are a resident and you have already registered, you will only need to show the Landing Form.

You must then go straight to your home or pre-booked accommodation. It is important to remember that you cannot use public transport. You may drive your own vehicle or:

  • be picked up by a member of your household
  • if you have keys to a vehicle with you have the vehicle dropped to a designated area of the Port/Airport
  • use a pre-booked taxi service

Will I have to wear face coverings?

You will be expected to wear a face covering upon disembarkation, as you walk through the arrivals terminal and onwards until you reach your destination.

What will the 14 day self-isolation period involve? 

  • You must remain in your accommodation including the garden at all times. If the accommodation has access to a garden or other grounds that is shared with others you can use it for exercise only when others outside your household are not present.
  • You will need to make sure you have a network available to provide support whilst you are in self-isolation (e.g. food supplies).
  • Should you have health needs, for example prescriptions for regular medications, arrangements should be made to fulfill these requirements.
  • You will be contacted by the 111 contact team to signpost you to any support if required.

Will everyone else in the household have to self-isolate as well?

Other members of the household DO NOT have to self-isolate. However, if you begin to display symptoms, then the whole household would have to begin a 14-day period of isolation.

It’s recognised that family and friends outside your household will want to see you when you return to the Isle of Man, but they should not enter your accommodation or garden while the self-isolation period is ongoing.

Please see the guidance on self-isolation for further information.