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Hello Little People, be safe, be smart, be kind

Hello Little People have partnered with Isle of Man Government to help promote the considerations of COVID-19 to our young people in a fun and fear-free way. To find out more about the 'Be safe, be smart, be kind' campaign, visit Hello Little People's website.

After a fun packed summer, it’s nearly time to pack your pencil case, dust off your book bag and get back to school!

School means time to learn, play, create, spend time with friends and have FUN. This year, to make the most of our time at school and stay safe it is important that we remember:

Be Safe              

We’ve had enough of Coronavirus spoiling our fun! Keeping our hands nice and clean will help to keep us all safe.

Be Smart         

Just like we’re smart at school, it’s important to be smart and listen to your parents and teachers if they ask you to wash your hands or wear a face covering.

Be Kind              

It’s always important to be kind to others, but especially at the moment.

Be Happy         

Enjoy your time back at school with your friends!

Message from Hello Little People

WAHEY! A new school year is coming. It’s nearly time to get back to school.

We bet you’re really looking forward to doing all those fun things that school brings... seeing your friends, using your new pencil case… GETTING MATHS HOMEWORK!

What an incredible response we’ve had to our music video Be Safe Be Smart Be Kind.

Hope you’ve been singing and dancing along, and if not - start now! If you haven’t seen it already - check it out...

See if you can spot the most important things to remember as you go back to school;

Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air!

Keep smiling, we’ll see you soon.

Chloe & Michelle
Hello Little People