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Eviction rights

New measures have been introduced under the Emergency Powers Act to ensure that no one will be evicted from either their homes or their business premises for non-payment of rent for a period of 90 days from 27 March 2020.

The new regulations give affected tenants respite in the event they are unable to meet their financial obligation to their landlord.  For a period of three months, landlords will be prohibited from evicting tenants who are unable to make their rental payments.

This relief is aimed at affording protection to tenants whose employment or earnings may be affected by the temporary closure of businesses and industries, during this time of crisis. 

The regulations set out that:

  • during the 90 day period, a landlord may not evict their tenant for failure to pay rent in part or at all
  • any notice of eviction issued by a landlord to their tenant during this period is null, void and of no legal effect 

It is important to note that tenants are still liable to pay their landlords any rental payments in full, including any arrears accrued during this period, in accordance with an arrangement made between the landlord and their tenant. In making such arrangements, the landlord must make reasonable allowances that take into account the financial circumstances of the tenant that can be attributed to any loss of income due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.