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Gatherings, events and movement

From 00.01 on Thursday 7 January 2021, indoor and outdoor gatherings with people outside of your household will not be permitted. 

You should try to stay at home, only leaving for essential purposes.

These restrictions are legally enforceable under the Public Health Regulations 2020.

Direction Notice - events & gatherings

Exception Notice on Movement Etc.

These essential purposes include shopping, exercise, hospital appointments and work (for key workers or other essential sectors), but all non-essential retail and indoor leisure venues are closed, and hospitality venues are take-away only.

You will be able to go outside for exercise once a day for as long as you like, but you must try to avoid coming in and out of communal areas and wash your hands when possible. Face coverings are strongly recommended, and you cannot exercise with anyone outside of your household.


Funerals can take place, indoors and outdoors, with a maximum of 10 people (socially distanced and using face coverings) but all other religious ceremonies, collective worship, weddings, wakes or gatherings are not permitted.

Movement of children

Children are not able to move between the UK and Isle of Man with separated parents after 00.01 on Thursday 7 January unless they are able to follow the returning resident route with their family member, as they will be unable to join an existing household on return who have not travelled.


Imported livestock will not be able to transit into the Island for 21 days from 00.01 on Thursday 7 January 2021.

Things to consider

Taking care when visiting places for exercise that could be crowded (e.g. popular beaches, parks)

Being careful about touching solid surfaces – e.g. playground equipment, outdoor gym equipment, gates etc.  Wash your hands as soon as you get home, avoid touching your face and take hand sanitiser with you to use while out if possible

Can I continue with my event, such as a wedding, birthday party or other social gathering?

There should be no public gatherings of more than two people; this includes all indoor or outdoor events such as weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties.

The Isle of Man Government’s Central Registry has suspended all wedding services until further notice in line with current advice on social distancing and public gatherings. Please contact

Guidance on public gatherings notes the following exceptions:

  • Where the gathering is a group of people who live together – for instance, if a parent needs to take multiple children with them to the shop where there is no option to leave them at home
  • For attendance at school by both students and staff
  • For attendance at court for the purposes of a hearing or trial
  • To deliver an essential services such as a medical emergency
  • In order to care for a child or adult who would otherwise suffer avoidable harm
  • Attendance at funerals for a maximum of 10 people outdoors and indoors, however social distancing measures should be followed and face covering advice observed.
  • For a tradesperson to carry out emergency work or repairs