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Isle of Man Resident and Student Travel

As part of Isle of Man Government response to COVID-19 pandemic a Borders Framework has been developed to reduce the spread and transmission of COVID-19 infection.

See Borders Framework for current restrictions in place.

Isle of Man resident and student registration  

We do understand that whilst these border and travel restrictions are in place this may be a cause for concern for residents who wish to travel off island and return again.

Residents or students do not need to register to leave the Island - anyone is free to leave at any time. However in order to return, you must complete a resident registration form and complete a landing form within 48 hours of your planned arrival.

If you are not sure of your residency status please view the residency criteria.

Please ensure that all persons over the age of 16 years register separately.

Applications should register as ‘an Isle of Man resident wishing to register for travel’.

Register here >>

As part of this registration process residents or students will then receive a Manx Entry Certificate, with a unique Resident Registration (RR) Number. This reference number should be quoted each time you intend to travel. You MUST COMPLETE a Landing Form 48 hours prior to arrival.

Failure to do so, would result in you committing an offence under the Entry Restriction Regulations which carries a maximum penalty of 3 months, custody and a fine not exceeding £40,000.

If you have any queries with this registration process please contact:

Travel Notification Service (TNS)
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
Tel: +44 1624 687171

Frequently asked questions

I am a resident. Can I leave the Island and return?

You may leave the Island for any reason. At the present time you are able to return, however, should the situation suddenly worsen this cannot be guaranteed.

There is a mandatory 21-day self-isolation period on return, or negative test results on arrival and day 6 for release on day 7 if you pay to access the testing pathway (additional restrictions apply to those who have travelled outside of Guernsey, Jersey and the United Kingdom 14 days prior to arrival in the Isle of Man).

When will the borders be open?

See Borders framework for the latest restrictions in place. This is will continue to be reviewed regularly taking into consideration the spread of infection on the Island and the current situation in the United Kingdom.

Borders will only be reopened once it is deemed clinically safe to do so. Please see the COVID-19 Exit Framework.