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Latest updates

As at 4pm on 25 November 2020, in the Isle of Man there have been:

Confirmed cases



Total active cases


Admitted to hospital


Isolated individual (non-community)


Total tests


Concluded tests


Awaiting results


Awaiting tests


 Number of deaths


Hospital admissions


Number of deaths in hospital


Number of deaths in the community


This information is also available as open data.

Daily confirmed cases

As at 4pm on 25 November 2020

      Likely uncontrolled progression

      DHSC planning assumptions

      Optimal social distancing

      Three day average

      Actual cases

The graph shows the daily confirmed cases and the projected infection rates for a best case scenario compared to a likely uncontrolled progression. 

Cases in the Isle of Man

As at 4.20pm on 19 November 2020

      New cases

      Total cases

      Active cases

The above chart shows active cases, new cases and total confirmed cases in the Isle of Man from the start of the coronavirus pandemic and how the Island is progressing through each phase.

Borders (all ports)

Closed to everyone from Friday 6 am on 27 March 2020 (except key workers, subject to prior approval; Isle of Man residents returning from overseas; Isle of Man residents returning to the Island after leaving to see immediate family for compassionate reasons, for example end of life or to attend a funeral; and non-Island residents who wish to travel to the Isle of Man on compassionate grounds, either to attend the funeral of a close family member or to visit a terminally ill close family relative.

People may leave the Island if they wish; however it may be difficult to return unless they meet the eligibility criteria for current repatriation schemes.

See: Travel advice


Any legal requirement for social distancing in our community was removed on 15 June. Businesses are no longer legally required to take steps in relation to social distancing, such as encouraging employees to work from home, or limiting the number of customers in shops.

COVID-19 will remain a risk for some time and you must manage this risk in the same way you would manage any other risk to your staff or customers, in line with Health & Safety legislation.  You may wish to continue to implement some enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures should this be deemed an appropriate and proportionate way to manage risks.

See: New guidance for businesses


Visiting restricted.

See: Visiting Policy


All school sites are open as normal.

See alsoSchools and nurseries