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Managing household waste

The Government has made changes to the current self-isolation and social distancing rules. This means that some new activities will now be permitted, including recycling. You should still make sure you stay 2m away from other people and only travel with other members of your household.

Bring Banks

The Department of Infrastructure re-opened the Island's Bring Banks on Friday 24 April, which offer residents the ability to recycle glass, cans, and paper. The Island’s Bring Banks are unmanned, and as such the public are asked to take sensible precautions when using the service and to follow social distancing guidelines.

Civic amenity sites

From 6am on Friday 24 April, Local Authorities can consider reopening the Island’s civic amenity sites.

Each civic amenity site needs to determine how best to operate to ensure appropriate social distancing between users and staff, as will all employers. Please contact your nearest site for more information on reopening.

General guidance

Both Bring Banks and civic amenity sites are expected to see a high demand initially and careful consideration is being taken to ensure the services can be fully operational, whilst adhering to health and safety and social distancing guidelines.

Residents are asked to make trips as infrequently as possible to avoid traffic congestion or overcrowding.

Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure good hand hygiene whilst using the Island’s Bring Banks. This includes using an alcohol based hand sanitiser immediately before and after use (if this is available to you) and/or washing your hands with soap and warm water immediately when you return home, following handwashing guidance.

With restrictions on movement, schools closed and many either unable to work or working from home, it is recognised that households may be creating more waste than usual.

The following advice is designed to minimise the volume being produced and encourage people, wherever possible, to store recyclable materials whilst the Civic Amenity sites and Bring Banks take steps to become fully operational and deal with the initial surge in demand.  

  • Cartons and plastic bottles - remove lid, squeeze air out and replace lid or dispose of at CA sites
  • Cardboard boxes should be fully flattened  
  • Cans should be cleaned and recycled at one of the Island's Bring Bank sites 
  • Glass bottles and jars, wherever possible, should be cleaned and set aside until recycling resumes at civic amenity sites.
  • Reduce perishable food waste by only buying what you need  
  • Avoid putting items in wheelie bins, such as clothing and general household items, that can be stored until the amenity sites reopen  
  • If possible, compost garden waste. Otherwise, take it to a civic amenity site. Please try to avoid disposing of this in your general waste bin   
  • Non-conforming waste such as batteries, builders’ rubble, fluorescent tubes and lamps, and electrical items should not be placed in wheelie bins at any time. Please take these to civic amenity sites when they are reopened

When bins are put out for collection, please disinfect the handles. After taking your bin back in, disinfect the handle again and wash your hands thoroughly.   

Bonfires are discouraged as they have the potential to be dangerous and cause a nuisance to neighbours, particularly while most homes will be occupied most of the time.     

For those who are self-isolating, personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in wheelie bin.  

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal. 

See also:Guidance for cleaning in a non-clinical setting