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Non-Residents travelling to live or work in the Isle of Man

Contractual obligations

Moving to live or work on the Isle of Man

Before you apply for a contractual exemption to move to the Isle of Man to live or work you must be able to provide evidence that you have entered into a legally-binding contract:

  • to establish a business; or
  • take up employment; or
  • purchase a property; or
  • sign a tenancy agreement

You will be asked to provide evidence of this as part of the application process. Any lease or contract of employment must be for at least 3 months.

Please note, contracts supplied by friends or family will not be approved.

Those approved under the contractual route will be required on entry to the Island to follow any requirement with regard to self isolation as per any other returning resident.  Further information can be found on the Self Isolation page.

The application form for contractual entry can be found on the Application forms and landing forms page

See also:  Guidance for Contractual Entry

If you have any queries please contact the Travel Notification Service Team at, or on +44 1624 687171. 

For Keyworkers 

Off Island Keyworker 

If you need to bring in a contractor from elsewhere, please contact or call +44 1624 687171, press option 2 to discuss the process. We recommend that applications are submitted between 1-3 weeks before the date of travel to ensure you receive the certificate on time. 

Please be advised that submitting an application does not automatically grant approval to travel to the Isle of Man.  

Manx Resident Keyworkers 

If you work in a key sector, you may be permitted to return to work within your self-isolation period if your employer can demonstrate a clear business need. A list of the key sectors can be found on the On-Island Essential Worker List page.

You should contact the Key Worker Exemptions team to request an application form. The application must be supported by your employer and include details of the impact on the business if you are unable to work during your self-isolation. They will also need to provide a risk assessment showing how the danger of transmitting COVID-19 will be mitigated.

Please note that all applications are assessed on a case by case basis. If your application is supported, the permitted activities will be included in the modified direction notice sent to you. You must remain in self-isolation at all other times.

If you think you meet the criteria, please contact or call +44 1624 687171, option 2 for more information and the application form.

Testing for Manx Residents

For information on the rules around testing and self-isolation for returning residents please see this guidance.