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On island private COVID-19 PCR Test

Manx Care are able to provide a private COVID-19 PCR test chargeable at £50.00 per person per test.

The booking and results service is provided by the COVID 111 Response and Contact Tracing Team, Cabinet Office (the “COVID 111 team”).

The PCR COVID test (which includes swabbing and analysis) is provided by Manx Care.

You are eligible for the private PCR test undertaken in the Island if you are able to provide evidence that you are:

  • Intending to receive private health and care treatment either on or off-island and require a COVID-19 test prior to treatment

(Validated by an appointment letter or consultant confirmation; validation to be undertaken by the Manx Care Patient Transfer Service. Contact telephone: 642673 and


  • Pre international travel where passengers require a COVID-19 PCR test as part of the country border entry conditions.

(Validated by a booking confirmation for all those seeking private test; validation to be undertaken by the 111/CT Cabinet Office)

Travellers please note: Some countries stipulate that you must take a COVID-19 test to facilitate travelling to another country and require appropriate evidence of test result within a specific time period of entry into another country. 

It is your responsibility to check the testing requirements of the country you're travelling to. Most countries specify a "test-window" of 3-5 days before arrival or departure in which your PCR test sample (your swab) must be taken. It is your responsibility to ensure your test (in particular your swabbing date) meets a valid timescale of the country you intend to visit.

To book: Private Health and Care PCR COVID-19 Test

To request this test, please contact Manx Care Patient Transfer Service by telephoning (01624) 642673 and

You will be asked to validate your treatment by confirming the details of your treatment.

The Manx Care Patient Transfer Team will notify you of your eligibility for a private test.

Once validated, you will be able to schedule a test yourself directly by telephoning “111”, the COVID 111 team to arrange a suitable swab date and time and to arrange payment. 

Manx Care will also inform the COVID 111 Team directly by sharing your name and DOB with that team.

To book: Pre International Travel PCR COVID-19 Test

To request this test, please contact to request a test and please provide the following information to demonstrate you have travel booked to a country that requires a test prior to entry:

  • Name; Date of Birth

Evidence of

  • your travel booking with confirmation a COVID-19 test is required in connection with your travel. e.g. travel booking confirmation showing all names of person travelling (who require a test).

The COVID 111 Team will notify you of your eligibility for a private test. 

Once validated, you will be able to schedule a test yourself directly with this team by telephoning “111” to arrange a suitable swab date and time and to arrange payment. 

Guidance : COVID-19 International Travel 

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) provides guidance on COVID and non-COVID risks overseas.

Please refer to the FCDO website for "Guidance for British people travelling overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic"

The FCDO currently advises against all but essential travel, including international travel (i.e. beyond the British Isles) to many countries and territories on the basis of COVID risks. You should check the travel advice for your destination. They also currently advise against cruise ship travel.

Travel disruption is possible worldwide. Other countries may bring in new measures with little notice such as border closures, movement restrictions or quarantine rules. Travellers should be prepared to stay overseas longer than planned.

Local restrictions (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) may also have specific local travel restrictions and you are advised to consult with the relevant Public Health Authority to determine whether you are permitted to travel within the UK.

Each individual test is charged at £50.00. Card payments will be taken and processed by the Cabinet Office at the time of booking in for the test. Tests will not be booked until full payment has been received. For any queries about this, please contact

Your Personal Data: Information provided by you to the COVID 111 Team will be processed to:

  1. pay for the test
  2. book your swab test
  3. email you the test result to you 

Your results: On-Island PCR COVID-19 Test

The polymerase chain reaction or “PCR” test is taken using a nasopharyngeal swab, which is a swab taken by a health care professional through the nose and the back of the throat. This is NOT an antibody test. The test is compliant with all internal and external quality assurances.

The COVID 111 team will email your test result the evening of the day after you have your swab.

You will be advised by the COVID 111 team by telephone if your result is positive and what the on-island latest guidance or mandatory response is to a confirmed COVID-19 positive test.

Presently you will be requested to immediately self-isolate with high risk contacts of your household.

For more information please refer to the Isle of Man Government COVID-19 website:


Symptoms and Online COVID Assessment

If you or anyone in your family exhibit symptoms, please contact by telephone the Isle of Man COVID telephone line by dialling: 111.

Anyone with coronavirus queries of a medical nature such as symptoms, testing or self-isolation should continue to call 111 which is available Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm. Outside these hours please contact MEDS or in an emergency 999.

Enquiries and Complaints

In the first instance please contact

Depending on the nature of your complaint, the COVID 111 Team may liaise directly on your behalf with Manx Care.

For more information about how Manx Care look after your personal data, please refer to the Manx Care Privacy Notice

Last updated:  1 April 2021