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Private vessels and aircrafts

Only vessels carrying residents are permitted to arrive in the island at the present time

As part of Isle of Man Government response to COVID-19 pandemic, a Borders Framework has been developed to reduce the spread and transmission of COVID-19 infection.

See Borders Framework for current restrictions in place. 

Measures have been introduced for private vessels and aircraft to ensure that entry to the Island is strictly monitored and enforced across all potential arrival points.

Under the modified entry restrictions, private vessels seeking to arrive in the Island from outside its territorial waters must first dock in Douglas harbour and seek permission to travel onward to any other Island harbour.

The restrictions acknowledge and maintain the right of any vessel to shelter or dock in any available port in adverse weather or if the vessel is in urgent need of repair.

Similarly, all aircraft - such as light private aircraft and helicopters - must initially land at Isle of Man Airport before travelling onward to any other place in the Island.

In all cases, registration must be in place and a Landing Form must be completed within 48 hours prior to arrival in the Island. All application forms and landing forms can be found online on the Application forms and landing forms page.

Arrivals by sea

Anyone entering the Isle of Man’s territorial waters on board a private vessel and wishing to dock must do so at Douglas.

The Port Arrivals team will check that those on board have registered and completed a Landing Form, and then authorise onward travel to any other harbour in the Isle of Man.

The entry requirements above do not apply to vessels used for commercial purposes or those owned by the government of any other territory.

The entry requirements are also not applicable for those mooring up to rest overnight in a bay, those wishing to shelter from adverse weather or those requiring urgent repairs.

Failure to comply may result in conviction with a maximum fine of up to £10,000 or up to 3 months’ imprisonment.

Arrivals by air

All aircraft must land at Isle of Man Airport at Ronaldsway.

The Port Arrivals team will check that all those on board have registered and completed a Landing Form.

Once this has been successfully completed, privately-owned aircraft may proceed to land elsewhere on the Isle of Man.

Failure to comply may result in conviction with a maximum fine of up to £10,000 or up to 3 months’ imprisonment.


Will each harbour be manned, checking on arrivals?

The Port Arrivals team will work closely with harbours colleagues and respond to any suspected breaches.

What about IoM registered boats, for example based in Peel, who go out for the day?

Local pleasure craft remaining within the 12 nautical mile territorial seas may travel between Isle of Man ports without restriction.

How can I report a vessel or aircraft I suspect has not reported to Douglas or Isle of Man Airport?

Anyone that suspects a breach should contact the Travel Notification Service on +44 1624 687171 or email

If I fly my private aircraft from the Isle of Man and stay airside at my destination and have no interaction with anyone can I return to the Isle of Man without having to complete a Manx Entry Permit and landing form?

Yes. Access airside is tightly controlled. The airside area of the airport includes all parts of the airport around the aircraft, and the parts of the buildings that are accessible only to passengers and staff. It is important that there is no human interaction with passengers or staff at the destination airport otherwise the Isle of Man travel restrictions will apply.