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Schools and nurseries

From Monday 15 June all 5 high schools and 9 primary school sites will reopen and from Wednesday 17 June all those children currently taught in the education hubs will be able to return to their normal school. Attendance will be on a voluntary basis until the new school year in September.

The plan for expanding school provision will ensure that it is undertaken safely and gradually, to enable us to monitor its impact. Further details can be found online.

It has also been confirmed that Y2, Y6, Y10 and Y12 will be the first whole year groups that return to school (though no date has yet been set for this).

University College Isle of Man will commence a phased return in disciplines, where it is safe to do so, and will continue providing a limited service to assist students who are completing their courses. 

School closures until 15 June

Until 17 June education hubs will be open to children of key workers and workers in sectors permitted to resume activity. This has been implemented in close collaboration with teachers and other school staff to ensure the environment is safe for them and the children.

Public Health have put together guidance that explains what schools should be doing to ensure eligible pupils continue to receive free school meals if they are at home due to school closures.

The guidance also provides advice for schools which are open for the children of key workers, regarding meal options for staff and children in attendance, and free school meals for all eligible pupils in attendance.


As a result of school closures all external exams were cancelled by examination boards both operating regionally and internationally. The following public guidance provides details on how exams have been affected as part of the school closures: 

COVID-19: Cancellation of Key Stage 4 and 5 External Examinations Summer 2020

Free school meals

Currently, a system is in place to provide meals/vouchers for children who are eligible for Free School Meals and packed lunches for those in hubs. DESC is absorbing the additional cost of the vouchers and the packed lunches.

It is proposed that, once the definition of ‘key workers’ is widened to include Construction, Horticulture and Trades workers, the usual arrangements (i.e. paying for school meals unless eligible) are re-adopted.

See also: Free school meals guidance

Nurseries, playgroups and childminders

All Child Day Care providers and Childminders remain closed to most children except vulnerable children, those whose parents are classed as key workers, and children of workers permitted to resume activity. This includes Nurseries, Playgroups, Childminders, Before and After School provision and Holiday Clubs.

A list of Child Day Care providers and childminders who remain open and have places available for the children of Key Workers is updated regularly on the Registration and Inspection Website

Also see: Physical distancing for schools