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Travel advice

Isle of Man Residents

The Isle of Man has moved from Level 5 to Level 4 in the Isle of Man Borders Framework.

This will enable Island residents to visit the UK and beyond, for any reason, if they are prepared to self-isolate for 14 days on their return, and will replace the repatriation process. 

Isle of Man residents who wish to return to the Island must have a Manx Entry Permit, granted by demonstrating residency via an online application process. This permit is not required to leave the Island - anyone is free to leave at any time. 

You will only need to apply once for a Manx Entry Permit. Once it is in place Island residents wishing to return must complete an online Landing Form within 48-hours prior to travelling back to the Island.  The Landing Form will request arrival details including the address at which you will be isolating on your return, as well as your contact number, and a health declaration.

Random and unscheduled checks will be made on those returning to the Island to ensure they are adhering to self-isolation rules and helping to protect the wider Island community.

Applications for Manx Entry Permits are available via Online Services on the Isle of Man Government website.

Online Application >>

Non-IoM Residents

Access to the Isle of Man remains tightly restricted for non-residents.

There are a small number of categories that allow for entry to the island, but ONLY where an individual has been provided with an Exemption Certificate.  This is a limited group of people who are necessary to the Island’s critical national infrastructure or for the preservation of human life. 

As a non-resident, it is not possible to enter the island without an Exemption Certificate.  This is a legal requirement, and failure to comply is a criminal offence. 

It is also a legal requirement to undertake 14 days of mandatory self-isolation and you must not leave your accommodation during this period. 

Non-IoM residents wishing to enter the Island for compassionate reasons

Travel to the Isle of Man for non-residents on compassionate grounds can be granted for a number of reasons. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please see the guidelines to determine whether you qualify to enter the Isle of Man on compassionate grounds.

Should you wish to apply for an exemption certificate on compassionate grounds, please do so using Online Services.

Please see the full guidance and application process.

Non-IoM residents seeking to move permanently to the Island to live or work

If you were due to move, or are now in the process of moving to the Isle of Man to live or work and can show evidence that you have entered into a legally-binding contract to establish a business, take up employment, purchase a property or sign a tenancy agreement, you can apply for an exemption to travel to the Island.

Please see the full guidance and application process.