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University students’ belongings in the UK

If students are looking for ways to organise collection and storage/delivery of belongings we have found 6 companies which may be able to pack, collect and either store or deliver belongings. A number of companies offer these services, some examples are given below (their inclusion does not represent an endorsement):

Callister Removals

Telephone: 629975

Jamie’s Removals

Jamie Wright





Collection from various locations around the North of England

David Pendlebury

Telephone: 7624 234449



Manxport are virtually full to new orders this month but may be able to take some more in early July.

Gary Griffin

Telephone: 7511 831299 / 7624 498735




Collection service

Mezeron Ltd can offer the service of shipping students’ personal effects from their UK Agents, who are Glasson Grain Limited, West Quay, Glasson Docks, Near Lancaster LA2 0DB.  The personal items would have to be boxed and brought to the above address, but before bringing to the address above to ring 01624 812302 for a booking number and for the times boxes can brought to the above address.

Telephone: 812302

SCS Logistics

Collection service

SCS Logistics can pack students’ personal effects, palletise them and ship them to the Island.

Sandra Cottam-Shea, Managing Director 

Address: 4 Penrod Way, Heysham, Lancashire, LA3 2UZ

Telephone: 1524 67481 / 7814 848175