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Are you ok?

The global pandemic has brought enormous changes to the way we live. It's been tough.

After what we've been through it's OK to feel differently.

As we enter a ‘new normal’ it is more important than ever to look after our physical and mental health. For many, difficult personal circumstances that might normally be manageable, have become more challenging than ever before.

Research shows there are five simple things you can do, as part of your daily life, to build resilience, boost your wellbeing and lower your risk of developing mental health problems.

These simple actions are known as the Five Ways to Wellbeing.  As we continue to feel the effects of the global pandemic – it important to Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, Take Notice.

Building them into your daily routine is beneficial for everyone – whether you’re finding things difficult or not and can prevent things getting worse.

Whether you’re 10 or 110 – the pandemic has changed things – so we’ve gathered some helpful tools and resources which can make things a little easier.


connect with the people around you, talk and listen.  Be there for people.Be active.  go for a walk or run.  step outside. enjoy the great outdoors. do what you can.

 Keep learning.  embrace new experiences. 
 rediscover old interests. surprise yourself.Give. do something nice for someone. give your time. pursue what brings you joy.

take notice of your feelings. start meaninful conversations and listen. 


We also have these additional resources that you may find useful: 


   help us spread the word by downloading this poster coloouring in the letters and displaying in your home or office window