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Are you concerned about a young person?

The pandemic has caused a lot of changes for our children and young adults – from schools and exams, to socialising and future plans.

The Department of Education Sport and Culture have collected these resources to help you, or a young person you to know to navigate these difficult times.

Anxiety & Coronavirus:  Department of Education Sport and Culture document, designed to provide guidance and support for families, children and young people 

Anna Freud Advice for Young People to Support their Mental Health:   Helping children, young people and their families during the current pandemic 

Advice for Parents and Carers:   Advice and guidance for parents and carers on how to support wellbeing during the current pandemic 

On My Mind:   Details self-care strategies to help children and young people manage their wellbeing 

Information about Coronavirus 

Simple stories to discuss Coronavirus with children and young people: 

Information Videos