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As of Tuesday 14 April, the roll-out of glucose monitoring systems for people with Type 1 diabetes has been put on hold while the Isle of Man Government focuses on the Island’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The Government had intended to make the Freestyle Libre and Dexcom sensors available to eligible patients from the beginning of this month.  

However, the plans have been postponed to enable healthcare resources to be directed towards protecting the community from the spread of the coronavirus.   

The position will be reviewed after three months when it is hoped that work can resume on supporting the roll-out of the Government-funded systems.  

The monitoring systems offer an accurate, safe and convenient way for people with Type 1 diabetes to check their glucose levels, reducing the number of finger prick tests that are required.  

Patients who have purchased their own Freestyle Libre or Dexcom systems are encouraged to use the online resources to ensure they are enjoying the full benefits of the equipment.  

Specialists from the Diabetes Nursing Service can also be contacted on +44 1624 650860 for advice and support or to discuss data.