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Summer health

It’s been a challenging time for all of us in the Isle of Man. As we look forward to a relaxing summer with longer days and warmer temperatures, we need to continue to look after our health as well as that of our neighbours. Hot weather can be enjoyable but when it’s hot for too long, it can cause health risks, especially if you are 65 or older, or if you have a long-term health condition.

This summer, getting outdoors is more important than ever. Now that we are living with COVID-19, we can start to develop positive habits for reducing the spread of the virus, such as going outdoors when we can, letting fresh air in and remembering to practise good hand hygiene when we are out and about.

While spending more time outside in the sun, it’s also important to remember sun and heat safety measures. Keeping cool, well-hydrated and protecting your skin from too much sun can help reduce health risks like heat stroke, skin cancer and dehydration.

Remember to tap into your friendly community services, such as asking your local pharmacist for help with minor summer ailments, joining exercise groups to help stay active and contacting your GP if you have a health concern.

Give yourself a break from illness this summer and explore the pages below on how best to stay healthy.        

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