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6 ways to stay warm this winter

Heating your home and keeping yourself warm are both important factors in staying healthy. Follow these simple tips to a warmer, healthier winter:

Wear layers

Wearing several layers rather than one chunky layer and wearing clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres helps maintain body heat.

Use duvets and blankets

These can come in useful to keep warm if your heating stops working or your power supplies are interrupted.

Seal any gaps

Fit draft proofing around windows and doors.


Make sure your loft, cavity walls and your hot water cylinder and pipes are insulated.

Draw your curtains

Do this at dusk to help keep heat inside your rooms.

Do not obstruct your radiators

Make sure they are not blocked by furniture or curtains.


Staying warm gives you better protection against respiratory illnesses. Visit our pages on keeping warm for advice and support this winter.