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What's different this year?

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been a number of changes in the healthcare setting.

You may notice some differences when you are using the health services this winter, such as:

  • You may be asked to use hand sanitizer before reaching reception
  • The receptionist may ask you ‘screening’ questions to ensure the safety of others within the waiting area
  • For certain symptoms you may be asked to speak with a GP on the telephone before a face-to-face appointment is offered
  • Books or magazines in the waiting area may have been removed
  • Masks may be worn by the doctor or nurse or you may be asked to wear a mask in the waiting area
  • At some GPs, you may not be able to book appointments using the online EMIS patient booking system, but will need to telephone instead.

All of these measures have been put in place to protect the public and the Island’s healthcare providers so they are able to continue providing care to those who need it most.

Although things may be different and could take a little while to get used to, the priority remains the same for our patients: we want you to be seen by the right person at the right time for you.