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Access for Island residents to NHS COVID Pass vaccine certificate

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Residents who need to provide proof of their vaccination status for international travel or to attend events will soon have two options to obtain their COVID vaccine certificate.

The Department of Health and Social Care in the Isle of Man has worked with DHSC colleagues in the UK to provide Island residents access to a digital or paper copy of their NHS COVID Pass in a safe, secure and internationally recognised format.

Residents will have access to the NHS COVID Pass website and once logged in will be able to view and download a specific digital UK NHS COVID Pass, or print it as a PDF document. The digital COVID Pass provides a QR code which is internationally recognised as proof of vaccination status, based on information shared by Manx Care with the UK NHS.

The web-based NHS COVID Pass service requires individuals to set up their own unique NHS login via: Manx residents are encouraged to register if they haven’t done so already, noting that login registrations may be delayed when demand is high, and people should register at least two weeks before they wish to use the pass.

A valid email account and a mobile phone are required to set up a login, and the process includes steps to confirm an individual’s identity and ensure the security of personal data. These steps are described on the NHS' website

Alternatively, a paper copy vaccination certificate can be obtained via the UK NHS customer contact centre, which will be available to callers from the Isle of Man on a Freephone number to be announced before the service goes live.

Manx residents using this service will be able to request a paper certificate of their vaccination status - an NHS COVID post vaccination letter - to be sent through the post, and should receive it within five working days. The UK NHS Freephone call centre option is for those who are unable to access the digital pass for urgent travel.

Users will also be able to request a physical letter online without an NHS login via the 'Get your COVID pass letter' page on the NHS website

The digital pass and paper certificate will show that an individual has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Residents will still need to check the entry requirements of the country they intend to visit, such as testing and isolation on arrival and further evidence of vaccines and doses. Travellers will also need to follow rules such as pre-departure testing.

If the UK NHS is unable to generate a COVID Pass for an Isle of Man resident based on available vaccination data, the resident will be contacted by email, letter, phone or SMS text message, in line with contact details held on their GP record, giving the reason. The message will sign-post residents to the further assistance available.    

The NHS COVID Pass website and Freephone call centre service are due to commence for Isle of Man residents within the next fortnight, subject to final legal documentation being in place.

The Department of Health and Social Care in the Island continues to work with NHS partners in the UK to develop the next stage in the programme: access for Isle of Man residents to the COVID Pass on the NHS App.

Additional information

Data sharing and opting out

Both the digital and paper copy COVID Pass services provided by the UK NHS directly access Isle of Man residents’ vaccination data. Manx Care has provided the data for these purposes, unless residents have opted-out of their data being shared with the UK NHS.

Isle of Man residents have the right to prevent the processing of their vaccination information under data protection legislation.

Anyone who does not wish their vaccination data to be shared with the NHS for the COVID Pass service should opt-out using the online form accessed on the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate page on the Manx Care website

Privacy statement

The Privacy Statement relating to data provided for the vaccination certificate is available on the Manx Care website.

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