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Additional vaccination schedule planned and Moderna vaccine rolled out

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A third safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 is to be used in the latest phase of the Island’s vaccination rollout, targeting those who have been delayed in joining the programme.

A first dose of Moderna vaccine will be offered to residents aged under 40 at a clinic on 14 June, ensuring further members of the community are protected against serious illness caused by the virus. The session will also be open to people who have travelled to the Island having had their first dose of Moderna in the UK - who will be invited to have their second jab here.

The following day (15 June) an AstraZeneca clinic will be held for all over-40s who have recently registered and are awaiting their first dose vaccination, with the exception of those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons.

Second dose vaccinations have ramped-up this week, with a focus on completing the course for those whose two jabs were scheduled with a 10 week interval. More than 1000 doses are being delivered daily at the Chester Street hub in Douglas between Monday and Friday this week (25-28 May) with 400 people booked in each day from Friday to Sunday at the Airport.

Overall, well over 20,000 second doses have now been given, as confidence and take-up of the vaccines continues to be extremely positive. After this week, the next set of second doses are scheduled to restart on 16 June in line with booked appointments and supplies of vaccine.

Residents are urged to attend their second appointments to ensure they gain maximum protection, and should not ask to change their booking. The vaccination rollout continues to be a finely tuned logistical exercise, and vaccines have been carefully allocated and stored for second doses in line with clinical advice and deliveries to the Island.

A further first-dose clinic will be held in July for any remaining under-40’s who wish to have a vaccination, while second doses of Moderna will be given in early September.

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford said:

‘Our vaccination rollout has been an outstanding success thanks to the enthusiasm of the public to protect themselves and their community – and the dedication of our professional staff to get the job done.

‘With a large percentage of the population having had a first dose and rising numbers receiving their second, we are now looking to fill any gaps and offer vaccine to those who missed out for whatever reason during the rollout. Despite the excellent progress made so far, we cannot sit back – vaccination is the way we return to a more normal way of life and therefore it is important we reach all those who haven’t yet been vaccinated and wish to be included.

The Minister added:

‘The final initiatives coming up this summer are designed as a catch-up. We’ve planned sessions at convenient, easy-to-attend locations but dates are restricted. People simply need to register for a vaccination, make a note of their appointment dates and be sure to attend.’

Anyone who has not registered for a vaccination should do so now, either online at and click on Vaccination Registration, or by calling 111.