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Family Planning Service reconfigured

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Changes have been made to the way Family Planning Services are offered to the public during the coronavirus outbreak.

For the time being, face-to-face appointments are being replaced with phone consultations, to protect clients and staff and ensure no one misses out on advice or access to contraceptives because they are staying at home.

Staff at the service advise that anyone who is currently sexually active and taking contraceptives should continue to do so, to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact the service to ensure they do not run out of contraceptive supplies, and if current methods are not available, clients will be provided with a suitable alternative.

Contraceptive pills will be available for collection and in certain circumstances prescriptions can be made available. Emergency contraception will be managed on a case by case basis. Those wishing to start contraception but haven’t previously contacted the service are assured of a friendly, confidential consultation. The number to call is: 642186.

Any further changes to the service will be added to the Government web page:


The Family Planning Clinic team thanks the pubic for its patience at this challenging time.