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Grant scheme extended to support self-employed in construction and education sectors

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Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan MHK has today announced that a grant scheme to support self-employed workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic will be extended further to include those working in construction and education.

A £3,000 grant was introduced in March Tynwald for employers with between two and 100 employees, and was limited to certain sectors broadly covering tourist accommodation, catering and entertainment, travel and tour operators, and logistics.

This was extended as part of the £100m package of measures announced earlier this week to include self-employed individuals and employers with only one employee in specified sectors plus smaller retailers.

More people can now apply for the grant following today’s announcement and receive support while weathering an unprecedented situation and preparing to bounce back.

Minister Cannan said: ‘We are listening to the community and responding with measures which will enable our Island and its working population to recover quickly once we begin getting back to normal.

‘It is clear that many need a degree of short-term support while they are suddenly unable to work. This grant will provide some respite to those in the construction and education sectors, including childcare and nurseries, whose ability to earn an income has been temporarily removed.

‘I will provide greater clarification on all these matters to Tynwald on Friday and I intend to make a full public statement on the economy on Monday at 1pm.’

To find out about the full package of measures in place to support businesses and individuals during the coronavirus pandemic, see Funding and Support.