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Guidance on travelling safely by bus

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bus vannin is continuing to work to make bus journeys as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. Steps to increase services to accommodate social distancing and enhancing cleaning regimes on all buses and in offices will ensure the protection of drivers and passengers.

The public are urged to take appropriate action to stay safe.

Buses should be used for necessary journeys only. Help reduce the pressure on the bus network by actively traveling where possible. Choosing to walk or cycle can ensure the people that need to use the bus service can do so safely.

Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is not a member of your household, where possible – this applies to waiting at bus stops as well as on board the bus. Due to the measures put in place the risks from coronavirus should be low when you are moving around the bus or if your journey is less than 15 minutes long. Please remember that some people are more vulnerable than others so choose seats carefully.

Please be considerate. Family groups should sit together, if they can, to allow maximum space for others, ideally using the face-to-face seating areas. Passengers from different households should not sit facing each other, so please do not use these seats.

Passengers may wish to wear a non-medical face mask or face covering to help protect others from the risk of infection – this is personal choice.

Passengers must comply with the law and to help reduce the risk of infection. Drivers are not responsible for the conduct of their passengers.

Passengers should not use the seats closest to the driver.

Make sure you have a contactless card or Go Card as cash is not accepted on busses. Go Cards can be purchased or topped up online, or visit for a list of outlets.

Don’t be alarmed to see drivers wearing PPE or behind Perspex. Drivers have received information on the proper and effective use of PPE. Gloves and masks are provided that drivers can use if they wish to. Perspex screens have been fitted to single decker buses to protect passengers and drivers. Screens will be fitted to other buses when possible.

All areas commonly touched including poles, stop buttons and seat backs are cleaned frequently.

bus vannin would like to thank all customers for adhering to social distancing guidelines and helping us to protect our drivers and other passengers during these times.

For further information and advice, call +44 1624 662525 and the team will be able to support you.

Why we aren't using double deckers any more

Interestingly, taking into account social distancing guidelines, the seating style on double deckers doesn't give us that many more seats than our single deck buses but they do offer less accessible seating.

Why we aren't limiting the number of people on a bus

It's really hard to calculate a maximum number of people we can accept on a bus with social distancing because it really depends on the number of people who are travelling in a household group. We don't want to turn away people who really need to travel so we are asking everyone to work with us to make bus travel as safe as it can be.

Your safety on public transport

We've taken safety and health advice and we are doing everything we can to make sure that our customers and our drivers are as safe as they can be. Many people, including key workers, rely on our public transport network for their essential travel so we want to try to carry as many people as we safely can. Please help us protect our drivers and your fellow passengers.