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Hello Little People encourage children to ‘Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind’ in new campaign video

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In partnership with the Isle of Man Government, local children’s theatre company, Hello Little People have produced a video designed to help young people remember how they can mitigate the risks of catching and passing on Covid-19.

The short video will be circulated around the Islands schools, and across social media, to remind both students and parents, in a fun and memorable way, of the parts they can play in reducing risk of Covid-19 transmission in our community.

The song and video has been written and produced by Michelle James and Chloe Shimmin from Hello Little People exclusively for the campaign and follows the character ‘Covid-19’ describing the best ways everyone can ensure they are staying safe whilst it is around.

Michelle James, Co-Founder of Hello Little People, said:

‘We all have an incredibly important part to play in managing our own risks when it comes to Covid-19 and we wanted to help our young people remember ‘hands, face, space, and fresh air’ in a fun and memorable manner.


Whilst there are elements of this video which have been created in jest, the messages throughout are very much key to ensuring our Island’s young community understands the best ways to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 where possible.’

Chloe Shimmin, Co-Founder of Hello Little People, commented:

‘We really hope it will be a hit and cannot wait to hear it being repeatedly sung and murmured by both children, and even adults, across the Isle of Man.’

The ‘Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind’ video can be found on Hello Little People’s Facebook page.

More information about Hello Little People can be found by visiting the Hello Little People website