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New bus timetable comes into operation from 19 April

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A new bus timetable will come into operation on Monday 19 April containing a number of alterations and improvements in response to passenger demand.  It will enable a more efficient usage of buses and ensure that services continue to be reliable and meet the needs of the public during major roadworks.

Claire Christian MHK, Member with responsibility for Transport Services, said:

‘It is important that our bus timetable adapts to customer demand to provide a service that is inclusive.  A great deal of work has gone in to the latest update and a number of important changes have been made. The most significant of these changes are around Pulrose, ensuring a continued service to and from the area during highway works. The bus service for this route will be diverted via the Quarterbridge and an additional service, the 21P, is also being added.

‘Due to increased demand, the frequency of buses will be increased on summer Sunday services between Ramsey, Laxey and Douglas, and Monday to Saturday services between Douglas and Peel.

‘Services 8 & 28 between Douglas, Foxdale, Niarbyl, Castletown and Port Erin, and between Port Erin and the Sound will be extended to run on both Saturdays and Sundays, over the summer period. This will increase opportunities to explore our beautiful Island over weekends during the warmer weather.  Previously this service had been limited to Sundays only.

‘Those who use the bus service should familiarise themselves with the new timetable as there are a number of extensions to routes and timings will change. With our range of ticketing options, our modern comfortable fleet of buses and improvements to our timetable, we are making the Island’s bus service an easier option for travelling around our Island.’

New timetables are now available to view on with printed booklets available from the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas, Ramsey Bus Station, Port Erin Bus Station, Isle of Man Airport and other outlets, or by calling 662525.

Timetable alterations in more detail

Services 1, 2, 11 & 12 – South Road

During the Pulrose Bridge closure the service will be diverted via the Quarterbridge and some minor intermediate time changes will take place. Most off peak journeys will be operated by the 2a, serving Royal Avenue rather than Summerhill. Summerhill will be operated by the 13 service. 

When the hospitality industry reopens and the 00:15 Night Owl service resumes; two additional late evening round trips will be introduced on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Service 3 – Douglas, Laxey & Ramsey

Increased frequency of buses to every 30 minutes on summer Sundays between 10.00 and 17.00 during the summer period.

Service 4 – Douglas, Foxdale, Peel & Niarbyl

Service 14 – Douglas, Foxdale, Ballamodha & Castletown

Service 4 will continue to operate every two hours between Douglas, Foxdale and St Johns. It will then operate via Patrick Road to Patrick and north to Peel terminating at the swimming pool. The central stop in Peel opposite the town hall will continue to be served.

The service between Niarbyl and Peel will continue to operate in the peak hours with a limited number of off peak services making connections at Patrick to Douglas. 

Service 14 will only operate at the peak hours as a through service and between Castletown and Higher Foxdale at other times, making connections with the 4 service. 

The application to the Road Transport Licensing Committee (RTLC) to provide Demand Responsive Rural Transport has not yet been approved and therefore will not commence at this time in the Ballamodha, Glen Maye or Niarbyl areas. 

Services 5 & 6 – Douglas, Peel & Ramsey

Increased frequency of buses to every 20 minutes between Douglas and Peel, Monday to Saturday, during the day to meet increasing passenger demand and to ensure service reliability whilst Pulrose Bridge is closed. 

When the hospitality industry reopens and the Night Owl service resumes, an additional round trip will be introduced on Friday and Saturday nights, departing Douglas at 22.40 and returning from Peel at 23.10.

Service 13 – Douglas, Onchan, Howstrake, Groudle & Old Laxey

Extended route from Douglas to the Business Park via Ballaughton Manor Hill and returning via Cooil Road every two hours, giving an hourly service between Douglas and the Business Park with the 4 service. 

A circular service will operate in Onchan from the village centre via Ballachrink, Windermere Drive, Groudle Old Road, King Edward Road and Royal Avenue. This service will serve Summerhill, Blackberry Lane and Victoria Road instead of the Promenades. The section between Groudle and Old Laxey will be withdrawn. 

Service 16 to 20 and Connect Villages – North

The last flexible journey from Jurby to Ramsey at 19.05 will now require pre booking. 

The applications to the RTLC to provide an extension of Demand Responsive Rural Transport to include Sundays and the proposed evening experimental service on Friday and Saturday evenings as the Northern Owl have not yet been approved and therefore will not commence operation at this time.

Service 21 – Douglas, Pulrose, Springvalley, Anagh Coar, Farmhill and Business Park.  Out of hours to the hospital

With the closure of Pulrose Bridge an additional service will be added, the 21P, operating via the Quarterbridge, doubling back on itself to serve Spring Valley and terminating at Pulrose, between 08:00 and 17:30 Monday to Saturday. The remaining 21B & 21H services will operate via Quarterbridge and Castletown New Road directly to Stephenson Way.

On Sundays and on weekday evenings the 21:00 will be rerouted via the Quarterbridge and will provide the full service. The 21B & 21H will also service Anagh Coar and the Business Park.

Service 22 and 25

The circular route serving Victoria Road, Onchan and Willaston hourly in each direction is unchanged.  Between Douglas and Noble’s Hospital there are timing changes reflecting the updates to service 5. This results in one journey an hour extending from Douglas to the hospital and one journey connecting in Douglas.  This retains the 20 minute service between Douglas and the hospital.

Services 8 between Douglas, Foxdale, Niarbyl, Castletown and Port Erin, and 28 between Port Erin and the Sound

Extended service to include Saturdays and Sundays between 29 May and 5 September to open up the leisure opportunities over the summer weekends on the Island.  

Service 29 – Douglas to Port Soderick

The Tuesday and Friday off peak journeys will remain suspended.   

Night Owls

When the hospitality industry reopens the 00:15 services will resume on Friday and Saturday evenings and continue to operate all year.

The additional 01:15 services will operate from 23 July until 4 September, including Sunday 29 August. They will operate again from 3 December to 18 December and New Year’s Eve.  This includes a provision of services between Peel and Ramsey during periods that the 01:15 services operate.