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Option for benefits and pensions to be paid direct to bank accounts

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on movement, the Isle of Man Government is reminding people who receive state pensions or benefits at a post office using a MiCard that they can be paid directly into their bank account instead.

This facility has been extended and is now available for all benefit types.

Anyone who would like to transfer to having payments made directly into their bank account should call 685131, 685098 or 685092.

The Social Security Team are dealing with a high volume of calls at the moment and have asked that callers be patient and keep calling if they can’t get through first time.

Treasury Minister Alf Cannan MHK said: ‘It is of the highest priority that we make sure that people can continue to access their benefits and pensions throughout this challenging period.

‘Payments direct to customers’ bank accounts have been available for most benefit types for a number of years - we have now improved our systems so that payment direct to a bank account is available to all pension and benefit recipients.’

Customers who don’t have a bank account can continue to collect their pensions or benefits by MiCard or can nominate another person to collect their pensions and benefits at a post office on their behalf. Anyone who would like to do so should email