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Plans unveiled for the reopening of schools

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Plans for the reopening of all Isle of Man schools will step up a gear this week.

Schools closed on Thursday 7 January, except for 14 educational hubs maintained for vulnerable children and those of essential workers.

This week, local hubs will be created at all primary schools to deliver a smooth transition ahead of the planned return of all children on Monday 1 February.

Parents allowed to return to work this week due to the easing of restrictions, are reminded that they are not automatically classed as essential workers and are asked to keep their children home wherever possible for the rest of this week as many hubs remain at capacity.

From Thursday 28 January, children who currently attend a primary hub, will be required to return to their usual school where they will continue to be taught in bubbles and be provided with meals.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minster for Education, Sport and Culture, said:

‘This smooth transition  will enable all staff, where required, to access their own school to prepare classrooms and lessons, observing all Public Health requirements such as social distancing, ready for the reopening of all schools next week.’


‘I would like to thank all teachers, parents and pupils for their commitment to distance learning, and look forward to seeing everyone back in classrooms again soon.’

All secondary hubs will continue to operate as they are now until the end of the week. 

The Minister continued:

‘To enable teachers to focus on preparing for the reopening of all schools, online learning will need to be scaled back this week.


‘This means, from Thursday, no new work will be set, however, pupils are encouraged to use the time to catch up on any outstanding work and to consolidate their lockdown learning before schools restart.’

School bus services will return to normal from Monday 1 February.