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Pregnant women encouraged to get COVID-19 vaccine

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Midwives and healthcare professionals on the Island are encouraging women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy to register for the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves from the virus.

This push comes as the UK’s Chief Midwife urges expectant mothers to get the vaccine following new data showing the majority of pregnant women hospitalised with COVID-19 in the UK have not had a jab.

Data shows that vaccines are effective in preventing serious illness caused by the virus, and there have been no safety concerns relating to pregnancy associated with the authorised vaccines in use.

Both the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have recommended vaccination as one of the best defences for pregnant women against the coronavirus, while the UK’s JCVI confirms the jab has been shown to be effective and safe for women carrying a baby.

Head of Midwifery at Noble’s Hospital, Barbara Roberts commented:

‘We are encouraging all women who come see us at all stages of their pregnancy to consider getting the vaccine. Studies have shown that the vaccines are safe for both the expectant mothers and their unborn child, with the benefits of the vaccine outweighing the risks of falling ill from the virus.

She added:

‘Our team all have access to the latest guidance issued from RCOG and are available on 650030 to discuss any worries or queries women or their partners may have.’

Pregnant women or those considering pregnancy are asked to call 111 to register their interest for the vaccine and to let the team know they are pregnant so appropriate bookings can be made.