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Returning students urged to register for vaccination

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Students returning to the Isle of Man will be offered their two doses of COVID-19 vaccine during the summer break. Special vaccination clinics have been arranged for the end of June and beginning of July for first doses of the Moderna vaccine. Second appointments will be available eight weeks later, to ensure students have had the full course before they head back to University.

Student clinics will be held on 26 June, and 6 and 7 July at the Chester Street vaccination hub in Douglas for first doses, with 30 and 31 August and 1 September earmarked for second appointments.

Those who wish to receive the vaccine need to be registered with a local GP (either normally on Island or temporarily if already registered with a GP in the UK) and with the vaccination booking team at 111. When calling to register, students should advise the team they are a returning student.

David Ashford MHK, Minister for Health and Social Care said:

‘I urge all students who are coming back from University to register for the vaccine without delay. The team have set up specific slots for these to take place, with the second appointments being offered at the end of August, before students start heading back to University.’

He added:

‘With more concerns being raised around the Delta variant of COVID-19, it is incredibly important that everyone receives both doses of the vaccine for long-term protection against the virus. All three vaccines being offered are proven to be safe and effective against the virus and I ask that everyone does their part in registering for one.’


Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minster for Education, Sport and Culture, said:

‘I want to thank the vaccination team for arranging these clinics for our returning students as it is important that they are not missed out of the programme by living in both the UK and Isle of Man.

'Students are encouraged to attend both first and second appointments on Island, but if they return to University before the eight weeks, they do not need to worry as they can receive the vaccine through their GP in the UK as part of the reciprocal health agreement.

'The system works the other way round too, so those who receive their first vaccination in the UK before returning home can have their second dose here.’

In addition to the dedicated student clinics, the team is planning final first dose clinics at the end of July for those who have delayed coming forward. Anyone who wishes to receive a vaccine should register immediately by calling 111.  

Residents are also reminded that those turning 18 years of age are asked to register with 111 on or after their birthday, when they become eligible to receive the vaccine.