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Safety of elderly residents compels move from Abbotswood

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Residents of Abbotswood Nursing Home are to be found places at other residential and nursing homes in the Island. 

The decision has been made by the Department of Health and Social Care, which has been managing the home since 13 April, and is keeping the families of residents fully informed. 

Some Abbotswood residents have already been transferred to the Community Covid ward at Newlands, the recently adapted former ward 20 on the Noble’s site. Those still living at the home are to be transferred during next week either to the former private patients unit at Noble’s Hospital, which has been reconfigured to meet additional needs during the pandemic, or to Newlands. 

Residents will continue to be nursed by staff who are familiar with their needs. This is a temporary move, while places at other residential and nursing homes are chosen by residents and their families, and plans are made for relocation.  

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford said:

‘We have considered the options to move forward in this challenging situation. We had hoped to maintain continuity at Abbotswood but it has become clear that we are not in a position to do so on the current site.” 

‘Moving home is always stressful, and we appreciate the residents may find this unsettling. We want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible to new homes, but this cannot be done in a single move quickly. The residents will be cared for at Noble’s while their ongoing needs are re assessed by our social work team, and a tailored plan for each individual is developed with their families.  Families and residents will make decisions about what is best, with support from healthcare professionals.’ 

Minister Ashford concluded:

‘We are putting substantial resources into managing a very difficult situation with the Department responsible for the safety and care of the Abbotswood residents. The government is determined to continue to ensure the long term safety and wellbeing of all residents to the satisfaction of their families, and our deepest sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones. ’ 

The interim CEO and other members of the DHSC senior leadership team have today (9 May) spoken with family representatives to update them on the next steps. The move to Noble’s will be carried out during the early part of next week.