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Travel insurance essential for visitors to Guernsey

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Isle of Man residents planning to visit Guernsey are reminded of the importance of having adequate travel and medical insurance when they travel off-Island. 

An air bridge has been established between the Isle of Man and Guernsey to offer residents of both islands the opportunity to take a break elsewhere. Both jurisdictions are currently Covid-free, having had no confirmed cases of coronavirus over a prolonged period. 

With the first flights scheduled for this Wednesday (22 July) travellers are reminded to check their insurance policies are up to date and will cover their needs, should they require health care or medical treatment, including emergency treatment, while visiting Guernsey. 

While there is a reciprocal health agreement between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom, the agreement does not include Guernsey. That means visitors require insurance to cover medical costs just as they would for other travel abroad. 

Health and Social Care Minister David Ashford said:

‘Falling ill or being injured abroad can be an expensive business, and travellers heading to Guernsey need to have their insurance in order before they depart. Visitors to Guernsey can be billed for ambulance and paramedic costs and can be charged for consultations, diagnostic investigations and drugs, as well as for seeing a GP or a dentist. Hospital food and drink is also charged for – all in all, it could add up to a considerable bill, so it’s vital people check, renew or upgrade their travel insurance policies. 


‘We want people to make the most of the air bridge and enjoy the opportunity for travel it provides. However, sometimes things do go wrong, so this is a timely reminder to ensure you have adequate cover.’ 

Residents should also confirm that their travel insurance covers the cost of repatriation – essential for all off-Island travel. If travel plans are interrupted due to an accident or ill health, it is the patient’s responsibility to arrange and pay for their transport back to the Isle of Man. While this might simply mean booking another flight home, the bill for an air ambulance and possibly clinical staff to accompany the patient, would be substantial.  

Healthcare information for visitors to the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Visitors from Guernsey to the Isle of Man will need similar insurance cover in place, in the event they become ill or need hospital treatment here, as all medical treatment will need to be paid for. Exclusions include treatment for a number of infectious diseases, which currently include Covid 19.