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Travel & borders

The Isle of Man is currently operating at Border Level 2.5, which means only certain people are eligible to travel and there are restrictions on arrival. Before you travel to the Island you must apply and receive confirmation of your exemption. Once your travel is approved you should complete a landing form in the 48 hours before you arrive. For details on eligibility, how to apply and the restrictions you will need to adhere to on arrival please read through the sections below.


Borders framework

The Isle of Man is operating at Border Level 2.5.

Border Level 2.5 FAQs

Border Level 2.5 provides greater flexibility, and reduced isolation requirements, for those travelling to the Island.

Isle of Man Exit Framework

Our plan for lifting COVID19 restrictions on the Isle of Man

Travel advice

Travel advice

Advice for those planning to leave the Isle of Man

Collection and travel with pets

Information for those returning with or bringing over a new pet.

Patient transfers

Information for those leaving the Island for treatment

Private vessels and aircrafts

Only vessels carrying residents are permitted to arrive in the island at the present time.