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Travel & borders

Guidance for travellers

Borders framework

The Isle of Man is operating at Border Level 3.

Border Level 3 Implementation - FAQs

From 1 May 2021 more people will be able to apply to travel to the Isle of Man.

Travel advice

Advice on travelling to and from the Isle of Man.

Collection and travel with pets

Patient transfer

Travel registration and landing form process

Application forms and landing forms

Forms for students, residents, compassionate and contractual entry to the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Resident and Student Travel

Residents or students do not need to register to leave the Island - anyone is free to leave at any time. You must register and complete a landing form on return.

Compassionate visits to the Isle of Man

Exemptions can be provided for non-residents to travel to the Island on compassionate grounds.

Non-Residents travelling to live or work in the Isle of Man

Before you apply for a contractual exemption to move to the Isle of Man to live or work you must be able to provide evidence that you have entered into a legally-binding contract: a) to establish a business; or b) to take up employment; or c) to purchase a property; or d) to sign a tenancy agreement.

Private vessels and aircrafts

Only vessels carrying residents are permitted to arrive in the island at the present time.

Arrival information

Accommodation and testing for arriving travellers

Accommodation and testing after travel is available for all travellers arriving in the Isle of Man. All costs will need to be met by the traveller.


All travellers in receipt of a Direction Notice must self-isolate on arrival in the Isle of Man.