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Resident pathway

Isle of Man residents are able to travel to the Island without needing to complete a Manx Entry Permit; isolation exemption application; undergo testing or isolation so long as they have only travelled within the Common Travel Area (CTA) in the 10 days prior to their arrival.

If you meet the above criteria you may travel to the Isle of Man without testing or isolation.

More information on travel requirements for minors is available on our dedicated page.

Those who meet the above criteria are not required to complete a Manx Entry Permit or isolation exemption application. A landing card still needs to be completed. For children aged 15 and under, a landing form needs to be completed for them by the adult they are travelling with. Further information can be found in the frequently asked questions page.



You do not need to complete an application form or submit proof of your vaccine status. You will still need to complete a landing card BEFORE you arrive on the Island.

You must be able to provide identification, such as a driver’s licence or a passport, when requested to do so by an Authorised Officer, and demonstrate residency if required.

Landing form

You can complete this Landing Form within the 48 hours before your arrival.

Completion of this form any sooner would invalidate your form which may delay your onward journey on arrival.

Once you have completed your Landing Form you will receive an email containing a QR code, which you will need to present to Port Security Officers on arrival, along with photographic ID. This QR code can either be shown on a mobile device or printed before travel. It is recommended that you carry a printed copy of your QR form when you travel.

Isle of Man residents do not need approval to leave the Island, however they still need to complete a Landing Form on return. You will need to complete a landing form each time you travel to the Isle of Man.

For a paper version, please contact the Travel Notification Team. This should be passed to the Port Security Officers on arrival.

Restrictions on arrival

There are no restrictions on arrival for individuals who are arriving on this pathway, however there may be some visitor restrictions at health and care settings – please visit Hospital visiting policy.

It is strongly advised that face coverings are worn in crowded or indoor spaces with limited ventilation, such as when using public transport. Some businesses may require you to wear a mask as a condition of entry.

When travelling to the Isle of Man, you will be required to wear a face covering as a precaution whilst aboard the aircraft or ferry. Please follow all instructions and cooperate with staff, who are there to help you.

Please help us to help you. When you arrive in the Isle of Man, please have your photographic identification and QR code ready as you disembark, as these will be checked at your port of entry. Please follow the instructions set out on signage and provided by staff.

You will be directed to one of two lanes.

The first lane is for those who have their documentation in order and ready for checking, this should only take a few seconds for each person.

The second lane is for those who have not completed all of their documentation, who need assistance, or who do not have your documentation to hand. There may be a short delay whilst staff assist you.