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COVID-19 booster vaccine

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please either call 111 or email to let the team know as soon as possible.

A coronavirus (COVID-19) booster helps improve the protection you have gained from your primary doses of the vaccine.

The booster will help give you longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19, especially as we approach the winter months and will also protect the health and care service.

You will be offered a booster dose from at least 3 months after you have completed your primary course, but this will be offered in age priority

Booster vaccine doses will be available for people most at risk from COVID-19 who have already completed their primary doses of a vaccine (and for those who are immunosuppressed and had a third primary dose).

Who can get a COVID-19 booster vaccine and where

The Isle of Man will be offering boosters to the following:

  • All adults aged 18 and over
  • Adults who are clinically extremely vulnerable
  • All those aged 16 – 64 who are in at-risk groups

Booster vaccines will be rolled out to those most vulnerable first and then through age groups.

A schedule for the rollout of the online booking system

*Please note these dates are dependent on vaccine uptake and scheduling and are subject to movement.

** If you have received an invite letter with an appointment, please attend this and don’t use the booking system.

Priority Group (Or Age)

Booster bookings open

1.  Older adult care home residents

Booking open now

1.  Older adult care home staff

Booking open now

2.  Age 80+ and front line health and social care staff

Booking open now

2.  Front line health & social care staff

Booking open now

3.  Age 75+

Booking open now

4.  Age 70+ (Or clinically extremely vulnerable)

Booking open now

5.  Age 65+

Booking open now

6.  Age 16 to 64 who are high risk

Booking open now

7.  Age 60 to 64

Booking open now

8.  Age 55 to 59

Booking open now

9.  Age 50 to 54

Booking open now

Age 45+

Booking open now

Age 40+

Booking open now

Age 30+

Booking open now

Age 20+

Booking open now

Age 18+

Booking open now

Please check Government social media for updates on when new booking slots are open.

For more information on the booster programme, read our frequently asked questions. You can also read ‘your guide to booster vaccination’

COVID-19 booster vaccine and flu vaccine

Most people who can get the COVID-19 booster vaccine are also eligible for the annual flu vaccine.

The COVID-19 booster and the flu jab are separate vaccines and will be given separately. They are safe to have alongside each other and where possible, people will be able to have both jabs at one appointment.

Having both vaccines will help create a shield against viruses, boost immunity and help protect health and care services in the event of increased cases of both viruses over the winter.

If your COVID booster isn’t due yet – get your flu vaccine anyway, you don’t wait to have them together!

Find out more about the flu vaccine or read the flu vaccination leaflet.