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Vaccination schedule

The Isle of Man is following the guidance set out by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), an independent advisory body to the UK government.

The JCVI has identified priority groups primarily based on age. This is because evidence data shows that the risk of mortality increases with age. By immunising older age groups first, we protect the most vulnerable people in society from the risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity.

This will have a direct impact on the number of people in our community who need an acute hospital bed. By reducing demand on the hospital we will help protect our health system from being overwhelmed and ensure services are available for those who need them, when they need them.

Manx Care has published a detailed Vaccination Rollout Schedule.

Who can get a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine


People aged 18 and over

You can get a COVID-19 vaccine if you're aged 18 or over. For most people it is initially 2 doses, this is known as the primary course.

If you have not booked your appointment yet, you’re still eligible and can book anytime.

Following JCVI announcements, a booster dose at least six months after the primary course is finished will now be offered to all adults over 50, frontline health and care workers and those aged 16-64 who are susceptible to COVID.

Children and young people aged 12 to 17

You can have a COVID-19 vaccination to protect yourself and others if you're aged between 12 and 17.

All young people aged 16 and 17 years have been offered a first dose of vaccine.

Children and young people aged 12 to 17 years who are at increased risk from infection, or who are living with someone who is immunosuppressed, have also been offered 2 doses of the vaccine, 8 weeks apart.

All children aged 12 to 15 years are being offered a first dose of vaccine as part of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Parents can find out more about the Vaccination Programme for children aged 12 - 15 years below.

Find out more about COVID vaccination for children and young people.

Third dose for severely immunosuppressed

Those aged 12 and over in the following groups will now be offered a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccination as part of their primary vaccination course to boost their immunity:

  • Individuals with primary or acquired immunodeficiency states at the time of vaccination due to conditions
  • Individuals on immunosuppressive or immunomodulating therapy at the time of their vaccination
  • Individuals with chronic immune-mediated inflammatory disease who were receiving or had receiving immunosuppressive therapy prior to vaccination
  • Individuals who had received high-dose steroids (equivalent to >40mg prednisolone per day for more than a week) for any reason in the month before vaccination

A full list can be found on

If eligible please contact 111 and a clinician will call you to verify if you're eligible for a third dose and will determine the timing of the dose being administered.

Vaccination priority groups

The order in which people are offered the COVID-19 vaccine is based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

Read the latest JCVI advice on priority groups for the COVID-19 vaccination on GOV.UK.