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Walk-in vaccine clinics

Walk-in clinics have been organised at the Chester Street vaccination hub.

The clinics will be offering first, second and booster doses to anyone who is eligible.

The walk-in clinics times are:

From 18 January to 22 January 2022

  • Tuesday 18 January – 3pm to 8pm – 18 years and over
  • Wednesday 19 January – 3pm to 8pm – 12 years and over
  • Thursday 20 January – 3pm to 8pm – 12 years and over
  • Friday 21 January – 3:15pm to 8pm – 12 years and over
  • Saturday 22 January - 8:45am to 2:15pm – 12 years and over

From 25 January to 29 January 2022

Date Venue Times Who can attend?
Tuesday 25 January  Ramsey District Cottage Hospital 1pm – 6pm Anyone aged 12 and over
Wednesday 26 January UCM 10am -3pm Student and staff only clinic
Thursday 27 January Thie Rosien (Port Erin) 1pm – 6pm Anyone aged 12 and over
Friday 28 January Chester St hub 1pm – 6pm Anyone aged 12 and over
Saturday 29 January Western Wellbeing Centre (Peel) 10am – 2pm Anyone aged 12 and over

Anyone attending a walk-in must check they meet the following eligibility criteria:

First dose

Second dose

  • Only attend 12+ sessions if you had Pfizer as a first primary dose
  • 12-17 year olds in at-risk group – at least 8 weeks after first primary dose
  • 12-17 year olds healthy – at least 12 weeks after first primary dose
  • Aged 18+ and at least 8 weeks after primary first dose


  • Anyone aged 18+ and at least 3 months after second primary dose

*Anyone who has not had their first or second primary doses on Island will need to register online before attending.

**Parents or guardians of those aged under 16 will need to register for their child to receive the vaccine and attend the appointment with them to give consent at the appointment.

What to do if you have tested positive for COVID or have had COVID?

If you are due your vaccination or booster please make sure enough time has passed before making an appointment or attending a walk-in clinic;

Aged 12-17 in an at-risk group or over 18 - please wait 28 days (4 weeks) before having any vaccine

Aged 12-17 – please wait 12 weeks before having any vaccine


If you attend a walk-in you may need to queue as booked appointments will take priority.

The extra slots are in addition to existing appointments – those which have been booked by people online, and those sent out by letter.

There is no need to cancel a booked appointment – that will be handled by the admin team at the walk-ins. Those who wish to retain their pre-booked appointments can do so, and attend as invited. 

While plenty of vaccine will be available each day, booked appointments will take priority and jabs will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. It is possible depending on demand that some people will be asked to return the following day if the session they attend reaches full capacity.